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Venita is a beauty and wellness platform based in Doha – Qatar, that aims to provide an easy and effortless booking experience for women, as well as a hassle-free shopping experience. From salons and spas, to makeup and skincare – we got you covered!

Download Venita App today and find your next favourite beauty salon.. or that perfect shade of lipstick for you and your best friend! ♡

Venita Booking

We partnered with the best salons and spas in Qatar to give you the best services available in the market.

Venita Booking gives you the ability to book your beauty appointments at the comfort of your home. Set the time and date of your appointment that fits your schedule best because the last thing we want is time wasted.. and boring nails!

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We’re happy to bring some local, regional & international favourites to your vanity kit! Shop shop anytime, anywhere, and receive your order in a pretty box.
P.S: no minimum amount required 😉

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